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Khun sale sul bus direto a YangonA desk for Khun

Khun is a 11 years old boy. He's smart, curious and lively, as all boys of his age, but he never went to school. Why? Khun is deaf and, as it often happens in rural areas in Myanmar, he had to face the idea tha a deaf child isn't able to go o school.

We met him a few days ago in the disabled centre Phayar Phyu, where his mother brought him in January.



Until then, he had lived at home with his parents, but in the last period his father became very violent. He accused him to play too lively and to break the objects at home, and his moments of anger towards the child became more and more frequent. In January his mother realized that the situation had gone too far and decided to bring Khun to the yhe disabled centre of Phaya Phyur, in order to protect him from his father's anger.

It was clear that a centre for children with mental diseases was not the ideal place for Khun and the sisters who manage the centre immediately realized that this child, so lively and sharp, couldn't stay there.

We met Khun in May, during one of our visists to the centre. We spoke with the sisters and we all arrived at the same conclusion: Khun couldn't stay there, he had to go to school. But how to insert in the school system a boy who is already 11?
We immediately contacted the Mary Chapman School for deaf children in Yangon, a centre specialized in special education for deaf children whith which we have been collaborating for several years. We told them about Khun and the director managed to find a place for him.

The same day Khun left for Yangon and on the 26th of May he began to attend school. New Humanity supports him through the payment of school fees, of the lodging fees and all the travel expenses.

Teachers told us that Khun is very happy. He's eager to learn and he is already having good results after few days.


If you want to support Khun and other children in the same situation, you can make a donation indicating "Disability Project Myanmar".


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