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Foto presa da AsiaNews, gruppo di migranti in ThailandiaEmergency in Cambodia: Thai-Cambodian Border Massive Departed of cross border migrant workers

Over 110.000 Cambodians are escaping from Thailand within these days. They are migrant workers, some of them are forced to leave Thailand by the Thai military forces, others are leaving the country on their own being worried about the political situation.

Migrant workers from Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar has always played a crucial role in Thai economy, working in the agricultural and construction sectors for low salaries, but in most cases not having a regular work permit. The exodus of workers started last Wednesday, when the new Thai regime threatened to arrest and deport all clandestine workers.

Between Friday and Saturday only, more than 40.000 persons crossed the borders. On Saturday evening, more than 20.000 persons stranded at the border yesterday evening due to lack of transport and/or money to go home. There are numbers of children and women are struggling to get back at their respective provinces.

Kor San Saroeut, governor of the north-west province of Banteay Meancheym, one of the main border-crossing points, states “We never registered such a big return in our history, this is a mass migration”.

Our staff, in collaboration with Caritas Cambodia and other organizations, is planning a mission on Thai borders in order to help the migrants and to organize the transportation.
You can support this mission through a donation, indicating as reason “Emergency Cambodia”.


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