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We just received from our local staff in Myanmar a report related to the Farmer Fields Schools program in the Kon Long Village tract, in Taunggyi area. Our field supervisor, with our agronomist and program manager supervision, has been developing this program in villages since 2013, with the support of expert trainers from Department of Agriculture and a Community Development Facilitator.

FFS Training DoA 2015 2The main goal of FFS has been to enable farmers to become better managers of their fields by empowering with knowledge and skills through Demonstration Plots of corn, rice and sunflower.  

Main subjects of trainings focused on 3 items: 

SOIL: soil management, land preparation, fertilizer application & water management 

SEEDS: management, selection methods, production and law

PEST AND DISEASE MANAGEMENT: safety use of chemmical, pesticide law.


For this purpose farmers from villages has been selected for the cultivation of Demonstration Plots in every village of the tract. Other farmers could go there to attend training and to see practically all techniques learnt during the training.  Through these years 19 Demonstration Plots have been started in Kon Long Village tract, FFS Corn Demo Plot2and farmers who attended training have been 52 in 2013,  40 in 2014, 51 in 2015, 84 in 2016, 73 in 2017 and 90 in 2018, for a total of 390 direct beneficiaries of the program coming from all 13 villages of the tract.

Analysis reported by our staff underlines how, as a consequence of trainings and demonstrations plots, farmers recognize the importance of an accurate selection of seeds, and that now almost the totality of them buy good quality seeds from Department of Agriculture, which are more expensive but which grant an higher yield.



Here you can see the % of farmers who decided to follow good practices learnt during trainings: 

Grafico FFS konlong 2013-2018

FFS Natural Pesticide


During years, some problems came out, related to water management and to the difficulty of land preparation on the basis of precipitations.



However, all participants agreed that FFS helped them to increase their yield and that this brings CONCRETE BENEFITS TO THEM AND TO THEIR FAMILIES. 



Farmers who attended FFS have been later into the Seeds Multiplication program, in order to produce good quality seeds to distribute in villages FFS Sunflower Demo Plot 2015 2and to be used for further demonstration plots and trainings. They were asked to use different kind of fertilizers, which could grant a good quality of seeds, and good practices. The first group of 11 farmers started Seeds Multiplication in 2014 and following years the program went on on other villages. The hybrid seeds production isn't easy, if made by simple farmers, so the quality of seeds distibuted by big companies was higher, but our farmers have always been supported and encouraged by our staff and by DoA.  In Kyaksu village they managed to produce a particular kind of sunflower seed, Yezin 1, for which the farmer has been recognized by the DoA in 2018 and he would be the first seed grower in Kon Long tract for Yezin 1




The program is going on in Nanhaung village tract and we wish to all our staff an farmers to go on with same good results


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