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Seng Mara con gli altri ragazzi a Kampong SomSeng Mara's story

Seng Mara is a 18-years old boy with Epilepsy, tetrabasic, and mental retardation-Spastic Psychotherapy.

He has 9 siblings (2 sisters and 7 brothers) and he comes from a very simple family.

We met him in 2009, when he entered in our CBR project. When we met him he was a shy and solitary boy. He lived isolated from the society because his parents did not take care of him and he was not taken to join other social events. He did not like playing with other persons, except his parents and siblings.

When the teachers tried to approach him, he answered their question without giving them much attention and was very elusive.

During the past years we made great efforts to make him feel part of the group and to have an active role in society. We invited him to join all social events conducted within and outside project’s activities. Center supervisor regular visited his parents at home in order to persuade them to join our activities and to take care of their son as of their other children.

With the strong effort of our staff, his parents were involved in our activities and we ensured that they took good care of Mara, also ensuring the respect of good hygiene for Mara, and not letting him stay at home alone.

Thanks to our shared efforts and to the increasing collaboration of his family, Mara has improved lots.

Now he really likes to talk with us and to play with other children with disabilities with more concentration.

When he sees us, he always approaches us with his smile. And especially, although he’s far away from other Persons with disabilities, he tries to participate to join activities with them. This summer he came with us and with other children with disabilities in Kampong Som, and he had great fun on the beach and playing with other children.

Chamroeun, Disability Program Manager

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