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Ju Ju Aint Poe started to work with us last September, she’s following 31 children for physiotherapy and 36 children for special education in Taunggyi and Kyaing Tong.


In Taunggyi she’s working at Phayar Phyiu centre for people with disabilities and in villages supported by NH. Especially in Ho Nar new ECCD center (built thanks to Francesca Pecorari foundation) 3 times a week there is a special class for children with disabilities where they can go to receive special treatment and to learn something with Ju Ju and our community based rehabilitators.


At Phayar Phyiu centre there are 21 people with disabilities receiving treatments every day, she was also able to organize 2 group of children followed by 2 adults with higher potentiality to teach children.


In Kon Lon village tract there are 12 children with disabilities and she’s giving physiotherapy treatment to 2 of them and special education to 6 of them.


Thanks to the new project, funded by CEI, started last summer, NH was able to reach also Nan Haung village tract, where there are 45 children with disabilities. Ju Ju started giving physiotherapy treatments to 8 of them and special education to 18.


In Kyaing Tong there are 37 children with disabilities and our physiotherapist is giving treatments to 9 of them.



Here we’ll show you few success stories of this program.Yo Yo 2

This is Yo Yo, she is diagnosed with Down syndrome and she’s living at Phayar Phiyu Orphanage centre. Initially she had delay development in language and communication, cognitive and social skill. And she had less attention in doing any kind of activities. She had never learnt writing alphabet and counting numbers. She was in the program for 3 months: gross motor activities with group, fine motor activity before practice writing, turn taking activities and practice writing alphabet and numbers. Now she can count the mathematical number 1-5, she knows how to grasp and release the fingers when writing and she knows and can write 3 alphabet letters. Now she can pay well attention in doing activities and well participate in group activities.

YalThis is Yal, she is 2 years old, diagnosed with cerebral palsy and she’s living at Phayar Phyiu Orphanage centre. Initially she had delay development in all part of areas. She couldn’t roll over or prone, no head control, she never played with her hand and legs. She had moderate spasticity, her leg length is unequal and she didn’t smile or cry. She’s been in the program for 3 months: passive stretching exercises, bridging exercises, practicing rolling, head extension in prone and sitting with support, reading and listening music. She’s now able to smile to care giver, she is playing with her hand and leg sometimes and she can extend her head for 30 second when lying in prone.


All these progress are possible only thanks to our Ju Ju and to the support of Don Carlo Gnocchi foundation!

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