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We believe that this is a crucial component in every water related project: only through the involvement and awareness of interested population we can effectively grant the development of the community. Once the construction will be concluded there will be also a management committee which will be in charge for the maintenance of the system and for further sensitization on related topics.

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Fundraising for this project effectively ended last December 2019, immediately we activated our local referents who contacted village leaders and on January, the 2nd, they organized the first meeting with the first community, Yang Kha and Wan San villages, where we will build the biggest system, and since 19th to 21st they organized the first training about Sanitation and Health, to which on the 1st day 110 village inhabitants attended, the 2nd day 20 women and the 3rd day 100 teachers and children from the local school.

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In these 2 villages we foresee to build a main tank for water, 6 little tanks and the connection pipes.



After trainings a meeting was held among the builder, our agronomist, our Community Based Rehabilitator and villages leaders agreeing following timeteable:




Activities to be done








27-01-2020 to 31-01-2020


01-02-2020 to 08-02-2020

09-02-2020 to 14-03-2020

15-03-2020 to 31-03-2020


01-04-2020 to 30-04-2020

‌Clearing the ways from the water source to the main tank; Marking the channels where the PVC pipes will be laid down

Transporting the materials; Digging the channels; Connecting the water pipes

Transporting the materials; Building the main tank

Transporting the materials; Distributing the water channels for the two villages

Connecting the pipes lines; Building the small tanks; Covering the main tank; Testing the water distribution; Checking the necessities; Explaining to the water committee the system of water distribution; Handing over to the water committee


Once started the work in these 2 villages our local referents will start to plan trainings also in other villages. The end of the project is foreseen for next August 2020. 



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As you can see received funds are very precious as they will bring development to many people (1070 population in the 5 villages), so with this first report we want to show our gratitude. As the project will go on we wilL publish further updates.


Thanks a lot on behalf of all villagers involved!


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