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scuola monasticaA gift with a lot of worth

With only 50cents a day you can help a kid and his school 

Thanks to the long distance adoption project we can provide education, food, school material and accommodation to students hosted in Burmese monastic schools. The amount requested is €200 a year. We are going to introduce the schools supported by New Humanity. The Taw Daik Monastic Education School was founded in June 1993 by Sayadaw A shin Dammasara together with other four monks. 



It is located close to the Migaladone, a military camp in YGN. It started as a primary school with 80 students. In 1999 it became a Middle school and in 2009 it extended to High school. Nowadays, 2178 students,  ranged between 5 and 22, attend the Taw Daik monastic school  and 600 of them are provided with accommodation and other facilities. The majority of students are male, 400 against 200 female, and belong to a variety of ethnic groups: 40% Shan, 20% Burmese, 10% Rakhine, 10% Pa Long, 5% Pa O, 5% Mro, 3% Kha Mi, 2% Karen, 1% Da Nu, 2% Li Su, 1% Mon, 1% That. The school employs 46 teachers. They  take care of students by teaching subjects included in the governmental  curriculum: English, Maths, Science, Geography, History, Burmese and Social Science. Students attend class from Mondays to Fridays and they have the opportunity to practice leisure activities and sport. In Summer there are also  Life skills courses according to Buddhism teaching. At the end of the school year, students who managed to achieve good results are prized. Unfortunately, students ‘families are not involved in the education process because the villages where they live are far from the school and the long distance represents a significant obstacle. The school is funded by local donations and by funds received from New Humanity, thanks to the long distance adoption project.



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