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Migranti in arrivo dalla ThailandiaEmergency in Cambodia: updates from Poipet

Since the 11th of June until today, more than 177.000 Cambodian migrants had to abandon Thailand. They are mostly Cambodian workers who have been living in Thailand for years without working permits, working in Thai manifacture factories. Within the last weeks they have ben forced to abandon Thailand and to make return to Cambodia.



This has created a fast-moving humanitarian crisis as thousands of people arrive on the streets of Poipet each day, many without food, water, or money.  

New Humanity, in collaboration with Caritas Cambodia, Samaritan Purse and other organizations, is taking part in an emergency project.

7 tents have been set up as a centralized food and water distribution area for all NGOs, businesses, and individual donor. In a week more 160.393 meals and foodpack, 268.000 bottle of water and 4.300 hygienic kits were supplied.

Staff members and volunteers are working until 1:30 a.m. most nights as trucks continue arriving from Thailand late into the night. People continue staying overnight waiting for onward transportation, although donated tents and pallets are now providing shelter and keeping people out of the mud.

A special attention is dedicated to children protection. The sudden rush of arrivals and departures has led to some children being temporarily separated from their parents. In all cases of which organizations are aware, families have been reunited quickly with assistance from first responders. 

The flow of arrivals is lowering and we expect that it could stop within the next days. However, the situation is still cirtic and there's need of continue assistance on the borders in order to facilitate the transport towards other cities and to guarantee the satisfaction of basic needs for those who have to those who are still waiting in Popet.

The arrival of a truck of migrants from Thailand                       Distribution of food and water in a tent

L'arrivo di un camion di migranti dalla Thailandia                     Distribuzione di cibo


Caritas volunteers welcome families                  
arriving from Thailand                                            

Una volontaria della Caritas accoglie una donna col suo bambino        

Transport by bus organized by Caritas Cambodia,
from Poipet to other Cambodian cities

Trasporti organizzati dalla Caritas


L'11 Luglio corri per la Cambogia e dai un aiuto concreto per l'emergenza

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