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After 24 years, The story of New Humanity in Cambodia comes to an end

24 years ago, in 1992, New Humanity started its adventure in Cambodia. At that time New Humanity was just a small organization, but already able to start up the ambitious project in collaboration with the Royal University of Phnom Penh, that lead to the foundation of the faculty of sociology. Since then, a lot has been done and New Humanity started to work in the sector of agriculture, disability and education. In this years we created strong and important networks with local organization and local Church, that today enable us to hand over to these organization the management of all our project and to exit the Country.

Because the final objective of international cooperation is to "help the poors so that they will not need us anymore", and this is just what we have done.



On the 4th of December in Kompong Chhnang the official closing ceremony took place. The event saw the participation of the bishop of Phnom Penh, mons. Olivier Schmitthausler, of the apostolic prefects of Battambang, Henrique Figaredo, and of Kompong Cham, Anthonusami Susariay, PIME general vicar, Fr. Davide Sciocco, CML missionaries, PIME missionaries, civil authorities, New Humanity's staff and hundreds of people, in particular the families of all disabled people who took part in New Humanity's projects.

We wuote above the closing speech held by the PIME General Vicar, that well describes the activity of New Humanity:

Le ragazze disabili organizzano una danza di festeggiamento

"I’m happy to be here to share with all of you this important moment.


As we all know, New Humanity has a long history in Cambodia. Its work startedin 1992 (having signed its first MoU with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in December 2001). In later years, different Project Agreements have been signed with the Ministry of Social Affairs, Youth and Veterans Rehabilitation, the Ministry of Education, The Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Agriculture.


During this period, New Humanity has carried out four programs: Establishment of the Faculty of Sociology at the University of PP (closed in 2010); Program of Agriculture (closed in 2011 and partially absorbed by the disability program); Program of Education and Disability Program both to be handed over at the end of 2016.


Geographically new Humanity has intervened in the Provinces of Phnom Penh, Kandal, Kompong Chhnang and Mondolkiri.


During these years, we have worked side by side with thousands of Cambodian families and we have helped them to better their lives. We have assisted children, young adults with learning difficulties, children and young adults with disabilities, university students and families.


Today, the management in Cambodia has achieved a level of autonomy and capacity not only in relation to programs and projects, but also in its relations to donors. The support provided by the office in Milan and by the DG has been reduced in recent years each year and focused mainly on a support and supervisory role. New Humanity in Cambodia is able to prepare its programs, to identify donors, to implement programs and projects and to provide progress and final reports in complete autonomy, thanks to the professional skills and commitment of its staff and of the deep network built on the territory.


Given this situation, the time has come to entrust our services to local civil society organizations in order to secure a process of sustainability. For the last two years, New Humanity has been working together with the Apostolic Prefecture of Battambang to create the necessary conditions for the hand-over to take place. The local organization Karuna Battambang has been registered and today is ready to continue with the intervention.


Someone may say that this is the end, but we prefer to see it as a new beginning.


We strongly believe that the final aim of every Development Organization should be to “help people to become independent, so that they will not need us anymore”. This is exactly what is happening today. We are happy to see that, after more than 20 years, all our projects can be managed directly by local organizations and dioceses, and New Humanity can now hand over all its activities and extend its actions in other Countries. This is a big result, and the beginning of a new phase. New Humanity will follow up this development with keen interest and sympathy .


I want to thank all the staff of New Humanity Cambodia, the local and national authorities for their support and the Catholic Church of Cambodia for their willingness to take the interventions into the future."



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