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Coltivazione caffè

During this period 70.000 local tea nurseries have been cultivated and are now ready to be distributed to farmers in Loi Mwe and Yang Kha village tract. At the same time 12.000 coffe plants have been cultivated and are now ready to be distributed in Yang Kha village tract. Nowadays, coffee makes good income and so our farmers started planting more. In doing so, it helps to maintain and CONSERVE THE FOREST AREA by growing the coffee plants under trees’ shade.


During this first semester of 2019 the in kind provision for agricultural loans kept on going. The total number of beneficiaries were Prestito Agricolo 2143 farmers from 17 villages at the amount of 15.707.450 MMK (around 9.500 euro) costs good. The farmers will give back these loans after six months. By implementing this system farmers get the good quality of seeds, fertilizers in time at the low cost without paying high interest rate by borrowing money from outsiders in order to buy needed things at the right time. According to their real needs cabbages, hybrid corns, cauliflowers, compound fertilizers, sunshades and barbed wires were distributed.


6 trainings about agricultural matters or land management were provided in 4 villages to a total of 171 attendants.

Demonstrations plots about Hybrid Corn, Organic manure and SALT (Slopping Agriculture Land Technology) have been developed by 20 farmers in Loi Mwe and Yang Kha village tracts. This shows to all farmers involved in trainings how to improve their long-term cultivations.

Training agricolo a Loi Mwe

Our collaboration with the local Department of Agriculture made also possible to conduct GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) GAPby department’s experts to all farmers involved in our projects. Agriculture department also took part in sending tea, coffee crops in the ground to relevant laboratory in order to check whether there is residual chemicals in the output tea and coffee crops.









Residential Nursery

Regular support to 50 children at the residential nursey, Keng Tung, has been carried out by providing basic medicines and hygiene materials.CwD 2


New Humanity helped in the organization and took part to ceremonies for Myanmar Children DAY (February, the 13th) and International Women Day (March, the 8th), both organized by District Social Welfare Office. 

Early development of children for parenting education trainings and educational works had been carried out twice in Naung Cho, Naung Leng, Yang Kha and 31 miles villages.

New Humanity Myanmar supported 33 children with disabilities with basic goods and for those with intellectual disabilities have been provided trainings using teaching aids materials. 






Our local staff in Kyaing Tong is very dedicated and tireless, these numbers shows the results of their effort and we’re very proud of them. Thanks to them, to Local Authorities and to our supporters, this is the RESULT OF A JOINT AND SHARED EFFORT!


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