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Chelesina1She was born on 14th September 2004 in a very far and remote village called Kaw Thaw in Daw Law Village Tract, Phruso Township in Kayah State. The beautiful and healthy child, Chelesina, is the seventh out of 9 children to her parents who are Kayan Ethnic. Being a big family size, the poor parents have to struggle for their living by upland cultivation in the remote area.

Chelesina was sent to village primary school when she was at the age of 6 and she was very happy to go to school. She loves studying and playing with her friends. At the age of 7, one day, she dug holes to find the rats at the village cemetery and brought some rats home. On that day, at night she had high fever and get worse during a few days. There is no accessible for medical service in the village and the parents just got the treatment with the traditional medicines. When her situation get worse and caused right hand and foot not moving properly, the whole village thought that she did the wrong things which the Spirits in the village did not like.

After she recovered from her fever, she asked her parents to go to school. When she was back to school, due to her disability, all the teachers and her friends discriminated her due to the belief that she was punished by Spirits and it will bring bad luck to them if they dealt with her. Even though she was alone and no one talked her, she never gave up to go to school, sitting at the corner at the classroom by herself. After three months attempt, she gave up.

Gruppo1At the age of 13, she was sent to Phayar Phyu Orphanage by the contact from one Catholic Priest.

“When Chelesina came here, she is a very quiet, shy, unfriendly and afraid of others. She cannot wear the slippers and cannot use her right hand totally. She cried a lot when doing physiotherapy treatment during her first days due to the pain. However, I kept on praising her and acknowledge for every attempt she tried. I try to understand her and encourage her for her rehabilitation and development. Praising by all of us motivated her for doing regular physiotherapy and studying lessons” Sister Monioo who is the focal person for health services to all children of the orphanage told us.

According to the NH doctor, she could suffered Meningitis due to high fever and that caused her disabilities. NH staff also praise her a lot to keep on trying in learning and exercises.

ChelesinaAfter one year, Chelesina could wear slippers without string and walk properly, she improved a lot in every developmental areas, having confident in herself, improved social skill, learning activities and helping younger children in the center. As Sister Monioo found out she is very keen to study, she arrange 14 years old girl to enroll at Grade 1 in the primary school closed by. Now she is very happy at school, learning happily having many friends and doing very good at her studies.

“I am very very happy in this place as I am loved and taken care by Sisters, like my mothers. And I have many lovely friends here” Chelesina told us.

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