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Prevention in Myanmar

Preventing the diffusion of illnesses means knowing them and individuating their causes and factors. It also means creating in the population a positive idea of health, perceived as a precious good to be defended from any risk.

Unfortunately, in developing countries prevention is often underestimated and there is not the opportunity to access most common exams. As a result, people face the illnesses only when they occur and symptoms are evident, often when it is already too late to intervene.

New Humanity decided to start a cycle of meeting on the prevention of most common diseases in 11 rural villages in the area of Kyaing Tong, in Myanmar.


The cycle of meetings, each dedicated to a different topic, started in December and foresees 10 appointments.

Daw Me Sar, a 42 years old and mother of 3 children, is one of the women who took part to the meeting on “women and cancer prevention”, held in the village of Naung Leng 3.

After the meeting, she thanked us for organizing such an appointment in her village. “Today I learnt many things I didn’t know. – she told us – Before, I didn’t know much about the risk of cancer for women. Now I know how to prevent hypertension, how to recognize signals and symptoms of menopause and I learnt testing techniques for breast cancer”.

The calendar of next meetings involves both meetings dedicated to specific topics (prevention of malaria, hydrophobic, women cancer prevention, skin disease, tuberculosis, hearth problems and hypertension, diabetes) and meetings dedicated to general topics, such as personal hygiene, basic health care, nutrition awareness.

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