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Health Education

Project’s Title Health Education, Prevention and Emergency Relief
Donors Cam to me Onlus; Clown One Italia
Location Cambodia, Province of Kompong Chhnang
Time frame 3 years
Sector Education, health
Partner New Humanity Cambogia
Beneficiaries All families living in the district of Boribor

 The background

In Cambodia health standards are still very unsatisfactory. Malnourishment is the main underdevelopment factor, which affects especially children. In rural areas 90% of births take place at home, without any medical assistance, and children mortality rate is 90 per mil. The picture is worsened by the lack of drinkable water and the dreadful hygienic conditions, which are the main cause of the proliferation of diseases among children.

The project

The project has the objective to provide basic hygienic and health education to the population in the rural villages, addressing both to children and adults, in order to diminish the incidence of diseases due to malnourishment and to the ignorance of basic hygienic standards.At the same time, a programme of emergency relief has been developed, in order to guarantee medical assistance to everyone in need, addressing the beneficiaries towards specialized hospitals and taking care of them. The programme also envisages the implementation of prevention activities with the families living in the condition of extreme poverty and the support in the reconstruction of the houses in case of natural emergencies.Furthermore, according to the objective of guaranteeing a sustainable access to improved water sources for everyone, New Humanity supports the construction of dwells in the villages and the distribution of water purifiers to poorest families.

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