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 Education and Social Reintegration of the boys in Nghet Aw San juvenile detention center
Title of the project Education and Social Reintegration of the boys in Nghet Aw San juvenile detention center
Donors OBOS, Caritas Ambrosiana, Fondazione Pime Onlus, private donation
Place Township of Kaw Hmu, Yangon, Republic of the Union of Myanmar
Duration 3 years
Sector Child protection
Partner Department of Social Welfare (DSW); Centre for Vocational Training (CVT Myanmar)
Beneficiaries 516 boys detained in the center and 40 staff working in the center


The context

The Nghet Aw San School, located in Kaw Hmu township, receives children under the age of 16 who are convicted for crimes according to the 93 Child Law. At present, the center hosts 516 children and adolescents from 8 to 18 years. Of them, less than 350 have been sent to the center by the countrys tribunals for having committed crimes ranging from killing to other physical aggression or theft, while the others are street children. 

Nghet Aw San Vocational School does not have iron gate or sentry at the entrance, but children are under surveillance and are not free to leave the center. 

The project

Laboratorio formativo per i ragazzi detenuti nel carcere minorile.

The project is aimed at improving the living conditions of children in the center and to foster their future social inclusion.

For this reason, the project adopts a multi sectoral approach.
One one side, new Humanity started a primary school within the center, believing that education is the first step for social inclusion, and provides vocational trainings to 150 children every year.

All children are also accompanies in a rehabilutation path by a psychologist and can join many activities helping them to re-elaborate their past experience.
Finally, New Humanity also provides medical health care to all the children.

Moreover, New Humanity organizes trainings for the staff working in the center.

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