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English (UK)
The House of Dreams
Title of the project The House of Dreams
Donors Fondazione Pime Onlus; private donors
Place Taunggyi, Republic of the Union of Myanmar
Duration 3 years
Sector Social Inclusion
Partner Department of Social Welfare (DSW)


The context

According to UNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime), Myanmar is the second world producer of opium (second only to Afghanistan) and the first world producer of amphetamines (ATS). 90% of drug production in the country is concentrated in the Shan State.

Most of Myanmar’s drug production is exported to China, from where it’s distributed in the world market. But the problem of drug addiction is also spread among Myanmar population, especially in the regions where drugs are produced, causing big social problems. Both opium and amphetamines are in fact easy available at very low costs and widely used among youth, most of the people still ignoring the risks linked to drug abuse. 

In the Shan State there are only few centers for rehabilitation from drug addiction, mainly managed by the Department of Social Welfare.  The "House of Dreams" project wants to have a more integrated approach to face such a complex problem.

The project

The project has 3 main components, that will be developed simoultanously:

1. Formation
The lack of rehabilitation programs for people with problems of drug addiction is also related to lack of knolewdge on this topic and of professionals. Through the translation of reference text books into burmese, the organization of trainings for students in psychology and for people working in the sector, the project aims at training new highly skilled professionals. 

2. Prevention
We want to create a “new culture of prevention” in the villages, so that we may impact more on the problem. A prevention project may reach many  people, and even treat those who are in their first stages of drug abuse. The project foresees the organization of sessions of awareness on the dangers of drug abuse addressed to villagers, adults, youth and students, starting from primary school. 

3. Care
House of Dreams will be the name of the residential center that will welcome people with drug addiction problems and who want to start a serious rehabilitation program, through the constant follow up of the psychologist in afriendly environment.

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