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English (UK)


Project’s Title Programme of Social Development in the Union of Burma
Donors 8x1000 Funds
Location Union of Burma
Time frame 3 years
Sector Education, Health
Partner Eden Centre for Disabled Children
Beneficiaries The whole population of targeted villages

The background 

In Myanmar only the 60% of the population can benefit of health care and the lack of qualified staff is the main obstacle to health care delivery and to the provision of services responding to real needs. Furthermore, disability in Myanmar is still seen as a stigma and persons affected by physical or psychological diseases can do nothing but leaving isolated and marginalized.

The project

New Humanity has started up trainees in physiotherapy, in implementation of community based rehabilitation and occupational therapy, in order to train a qualified staff and to combat the prejudices still associated to disability. In close cooperation with the local partner Eden Centre for Disabled Children, New Humanity has also started up a training cycle for teachers, focusing on the topic of community based rehabilitation. Thanks to the community based rehabilitation the teachers can count on the support of the families and of volunteers belonging to the community where the disabled children live. This approach, that makes the members of the community work together, enhances the diffusion of effective and modern rehabilitation techniques and promotes the social inclusion of disabled children.

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