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Salik, beneficiario del progetto LSIThe story of Salik

Salik is a 12-year-old boy who has mental retardation. He lives with his widowed mother and other 3 siblings in the Kabul Domrei village, Kompong Chhnang province. Unfortunately, his two brothers also have disabilities.

When Salik was 2 months old, he had a serious high fever that ended up in convulsions. Because of this problem, his mum took him several times to the Khmer traditional healer for treatment. However, the healer wasn’t able to treat him properly and he had cerebral damages, that resulted in a permanent disability.

As it often happens to children with disabilities, Salik was isolated by other children and dropped out of school when he was in grade 2. He had difficult speaking and lack of attention, so he wasn’t allowed by his family to participate in ceremonies or other events in the community. Everytime other people visited his house, he never communicated with them and did not want to meet visitors.


Under the same house with zinc roof, there are only two members of his family who are working and earn money: his mother, who works as farmer and the other one is his oldest brother Satek, who collects trash and used containers and sells them to get some money, earning from 1,500 to 2,000 Riel every day (0,30 €).

We met his family in 2012 and, together with Salik’s mother, we decided that this family could benefit of the LSI project.

Salik and his oldest brother Satek started to receive special education from the social worker for intellectual, social and emotional development. At the beginning, Salik did not want to cooperate with the social worker and it took a lot of time to create an adapted methodology and materials for Salik’s special needs. With the strong effort of the social worker, Salik started expressing interested, feeling and participating in the activity regularly. Every time the social worker visited the family, Salik was asked to help doing house chores such as cleaning around the house and involving in home farming activities. Salik also learnt Khmer alphabet and numbers

Salik cwith his family and the social workers in front of thenew poultry


In July 2012, in order to improve the family’s living condition, Salik’s mother was invited to attend the agriculture skill training about poultry rearing. After the training, she received materials and tools to implement the farming activities at home and technical support from the field officers.


She strongly hopes that next year she will get much income from this activity and this income will help her support her family condition, especially for daily food consumption. Besides, she is so happy with her children’s progress.

Thanks to the collaboration with the social worker, she has also changed her relationship with her son. Salik is now allowed to join the ceremonies in the community, he can go to the mosque and she is helping him to communicate with other people.

Written by: Mr. Em Cheas, Social Worker

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