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matinar esibisce il suo diploma in informatica

Thanks to IT, one more chance!

Eugine e Matinar show us their certificate in IT basics with great satisfaction.

Their expression, serious and proud, tell us that it's a big deal to achieve a diploma in IT, expecially if you live in an orphanage in a rural village in Myanmar.

Eugine e Matinar, 15 years-old students, both attending the 9° grade of the primary school, live in St. Martin orphanage, in the village of Taung Ni.


Eugine mostra orgoglioso il suo certificatoThe orphanage hosts 29 children and is supported by New Humanity since 2012. Every month our staff visit the centre, supplying it with basic material (food, medicines, hygienic material) and ensuring medical check up to all the students.

During one of the last visits the teacher told us about the desire of Matinar and Eugine to attend an IT training. Both of them shared this desire by several months, but due to the lack of money they never realized it.

Thanks to a donation received by the friend of Introbio Parrish, in Italy, they could satisfy this desire. The training lasted 5 months and ended in February.

Thanks to this result, Matinar and Eugine will be able to apply for administrative jobs or to attend a specialistic course at high school.

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