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testi cambo sitoThe big story of little Chhin Chin 

Big changes come from little stories 

Chhin Chin is a shy 8 years old girl. She has some disabilities, which limits her movements and prevents her from taking care of herself.  Her parents are farmers and live in Kondal Village, Tropeang Chan Commune,Boribor District and Kompong Chhnang Province. Chhin Chin’ s family showed signs of neglect and ignorance, suitable soil for raising prejudice and intolerance .Her parents and siblings do not pay attention to her necessities and ignore her psychological and physical needs. They do not care in helping her to perform good hygiene, take good care of herself, take her to appropriate health facilities, take her to school. They justify themselves by saying they are very busy working and her sisters have to go to school. Her family face food shortage and debts. The situation really makes her parents very concerned and depressed. They drink and use alcohol to reduce stress and sad feeling. This was the situation the our staff had to deal with. The staff worked hard to identify the main problems of Chhin Chin and her family in order to provide feasible solutions.

The idea was that she could attend the Chalk Centre in the morning to get the special education and physiotherapy and then the public school (which is adjacent to Chalk) in the afternoon for general knowledge and socialization. Her mother was very happy with this option. After six months, Chhin Chin has made considerable improvements, as reported by her mother and her teachers. Her progress had a positive influence also on her family and on the community. Their parents started taking part to meetings and other activities and gave up drinking. The community also has become more responsible and welcoming. The great result has been achieved thanks to the hard work of our staff: high commitment and lots of patience, quality of service (special education and physiotherapy), good communication and collaboration with the family. It really made the parents have positive thoughts and good attitude toward Chhin Chin. As a result, Chhin Chin now has become much more confident and also the community started to accept and to treat her in a better way.   To reduce the discrimination problem in the community, NH had organized, in cooperation with local authorities and relevant departments (DoSVY), some activities to promote rights of people with disabilities. Up to know, it was notably remarked that the discrimination toward Chhin Chin was reduced.  


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