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Kyaing Tong: no more need to boil water at the orphanage

filtro per la bollitura dell'acqua e lampada UVThe governative orphanage of Kyaing Tong, that hosts 50 children mainly from the ethnic minority Akkà (80%) e Laho (20%), doesn't benefit of a regular and safe water provision.

Water is stored in a tank and is provided by a public aqueduct, but it's too rich of sediments and can't be drunk.
At the same time, the water pumped from a dwell deep 90' (30 meters), it's cleaner but still not suitable for human consumption.

The unique solution is the purchase of 25 liters tanks of water or boiling the water available. The orphanage has always chosen the second option, that is cheaper (each bottle costs 500 Kyats and the orphanage would need at least 3 bottles daily), but it requires a lot of work.

 After the request of the school director, Ms Jaintha, New Humanity installed a filter with active carbon and resin, that removes sediments and smells, and an UV lamp for water purification. The installation required the installation of a steel tanks with a capcity of 1250 liters, of an electic pump, the connection through PVC tubes between the kitchen, the dwell and the tank and the installation of a photovoltaic panel alimenting the UV lamp (electricity is available only few hours a day, sun is always available and free!).

Now safe water is directly available in the kitchen, ready to cook and to drink.
The director and all the staff of the centre thanks a lot. They have more time to dedicate to the children and they can save money.

Lisa Piccinin, Program Manager New Humanity in Kyaing Tong

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