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English (UK)
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Br.Narasappa teaching

Every day 13 children come to our centre where our staff proposes them some activities. In according to their learning skills, educators teach them alphabet, English words … . They also conducted ADL activities and games to improve their autonomy. Thank to these activities children learned to filling water in the bottle, using kitchen utensils and doing craft activities.

Our staff, supported by Missionary Sisters of Immaculate, are visiting frequently families of our children. People knows our activities and, walking in the slums, some of them asks for sisters to visit their house to meet their disabled relatives. Sisters and our staff invite them to attend the Centre and, if they’re not able to reach the centre, they teach to them some exercises to improve the develop of those people with disabilities. It is not easy to help families of people with disabilities. Sometimes it happens that other relatives don’t want us to help them, because they are afraid of neighbours’ reaction. In fact, disability is still considered as a stigma for the disabled person and all family.

Distributed Nutricious

Families of our children are really poor. Our project plans to help them through distribution of nutritious food. So, during Awareness program with families, after a specialist spoke about the importance of nutritious food, sisters handed over to each family a package containing rice, dal, sugar, oil, … etc.

Our staff organised some hygiene awareness activities. We also participated to a march with Government school children. Walking around, they invited people to join them. The march ended at Gurudwara: there we welcomed everyone, especially the Project coordinator of Inter Aid Development India NGOs made a speech about hyigiene, personal, in the house and surrounding cleanliness.

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