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HonarNov2019 7The family of Maung Wai Phyo Aung met New Humanity in 2017. With other poor families, they received two pigs as a gift, benefiting from the "pig-raising" project. The program provides for the donation of a couple of pigs to each family. The first two piglets born are returned to the association, leaving to the family the pigs born later. This would increase the value of the breeding. Owning cattle is a significant source of economic support in that area.

During the various visits related to the project, the staff of New Humanity noticed Wai's communication difficulties. In fact, the child was deaf from birth and, consequently, unable to speak.


TaunggyiHonarECCDnov2019 18In July 2019 a neuropsychiatrist from Don Gnocchi Foundation came to visit our projects. On that occasion we reported the case of Wai. During the visit the doctor realized that the hearing problem of Wai could not be total and she suggested to refer him to a specialist. Thanks to these checks, we discovered that Wai is not completely deaf: his severe hearing loss can be recovered with the help of a device.

Since then Wai has begun to live with this device that looks like a walkman. Wai is now beginning to hear and understand what is communicated to him orally through the use of an earphones. In a few months he has already started talking and saying a few words.

A great achievement!

vittoriaIn addition to this great joy, in recent weeks Wai also won second place in the 100m race during the "Special Olimpics Myanmar 2019" competition. It is an event attended by many of children with disabilities in Myanmar. Some of them proudly reached the top spots. For all of them these were days of fun and entertainment.

To all of them, to Wai and to our staff, we hope to achieve new goals!


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