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DCC offers community based rehabilitation since 13 years. It involves disabled people and their families. New Humanity supports this center by providing a specialized physiotherapist. She also participates in various courses offered by our partners and supports DCC’s staff bringing her skills and professionalism. Her presence improves the condition of life of patients and it’s helping to cut down prejudices against disabilities.

First six-monthly report of 2019, sent by our physiotherapist, is an update about activities and progresses obtained by DCC guests.

Beneficiaries of physiotherapy were at the beginning 37, but became 35 cause to decease of two of them. Corresponding to the criteria of age and physical condition, 4 of the children of DCC attended the school for disabled children. Whereas 8 of them joined a special educational pathway activated at the DCC.

A specific procedure has been activated for everyone during the therapy:

 1. Skills screening: to detect the delay in developmental areas;

 2. Assessment: Intermediate evaluations to verify progresses achieved;

 3. Developmental age assessment;

 4. Setting developmental goals;

 5. Planning of strategies and actions through the identification of the most appropriate activities. Strategies are drawn up to match each individuality (specific needs, dominant hand, tastes and interests);

 6. Further training of therapists, staff, volunteers and assistants.

 7. Final evaluation when goal is reached, so as to start new development program.


Attività quotidiane indossare la maglietta

Areas of intervention are diversified: daily activities, expressive language, manual skills, motor skills, sensory skills. Patient’s different ages and diagnoses needs calibrated activities based on the individual traits of everyone. Staff planned a special program for each guest, so that they can improve physical and sensorial skills of each one. Personalisation of programs requires a great effort but it is necessary. Results are extraordinary. For example: a 15-year-old boy with cerebral palsy managed to write his name for the first time; a 33-year-old woman (the oldest among the guests) closed and opened the zip of a bag after a long time of training and exercises overseen by the physiotherapist.


To stand up, to dress themselves, to eat independently, to say their name or to become able to use a pen… these are some of the goals achieved during this semester by DCC’s patients. All these things have been possible thanks to the tireless commitment of our local staff, and the support of our donors.


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