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NAS set2019b

The work at Hnget Aw San Youth Center always requires some flexibility. The number of students in fact change during the months, cause to the evolution of their legal situation. At the start of the 1st term, we counted 100 students both old and new. By the end of the semester, we counted 78. Between those 22 students, the majority were released and others started to join primary education program in the Youth Center, which is yet a success for them.

At the beginning of the semester, teachers made placement test to divide students according to their level. They created four classes.

 Out of 78 students, there are about 10 boys who are quite slow learners. They cannot recall well: they need quite a long time to memorize very basic things (as, for example, the alphabets of both languages). However, they are happy to attend lessons and follow what the friends are doing in the class and play along with the classmates.

NAS set2019cDuring the day, eldest guests could also run outdoor games and learning corner. Someone of them started also to use computer, where they can improve basic typing skill in English. For youngest hosts the educative staff organized activities like folding origami, making bracelet, colorings, free drawing, reading and making friendship band. These activities helps them in learning.

Teachers of Hnget Aw San Youth Center usually do not have main test for environmental education and general knowledge but regular short quiz for every topic. For the first time in three years, they planned a general knowledge competition by the last week of June: they gave “general knowledge” quiz on Myanmar History to level – 1 students and “spelling bee” for English vocabulary as well as a small ecology project to level-2 and level-3 students.

One of our teachers attended one month “leadership” course in May run by SJ (society of Jesus) in Yangon. At the same month another teacher also attended “Capacity Building for Local Teacher” (CBLT) run by Pyinya San Yae Institute of Education (PSIE), in Yangon. They are provided for food, accommodations and course fee by NHM during their attending. After attending, they share their knowledge on what they have learnt to the peer teachers.

With the supports from NHM and most with the heart of the service from the teachers, the project of education program in Hnget Aw San Youth Center has gone through meaningfully and successfully and has last until now. It is in our third year; and now we are in the second term of the 2019-2020 academic year. We will hopefully be able to continue even in the midst of challenges and support from NHM for the improvement of the young people in Myanmar.

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