In this time of difficulties and when the covid pandemic is trying to make its way back among the Burmese population, what happens in Dala, on the southern outskirts of Yangon, seems the perfect cure for any possible distress.

Here, young boys and girls are given a chance at the newborn Dayamit Community College, where a new project to support their education and professional growth takes place. “Many of them- tells us the director of the community center- had left school to help the family by doing occasional jobs but that did not generate safe income; now they have abandoned them to attend community college courses and give themselves a new opportunity”.

Born in April, the new project aims to support these children in their human, didactic and professional growth, offering a place to meet and share these experiences together. Initially the young were at home for the closure of schools because of the lockdown, so the proposal started softer, but now the activities are at full capacity.

But what happens every day within the walls of Dayamit Community College in Dala?

From Monday to Friday, girls and boys attend courses in English, ITC, accounting and lifeskills: these are disciplines designed to promote the integration in a workplace. The moments dedicated to lifeskills are carried out by a specialized team with the presence of a psychologist. The attending boys and girls test soft skills, for example group dynamics, teamwork, and collaboration.

In addition, a fundamental part of the project are the professional courses in which all the young can participate, according to their choice and depending on what interests them. “They can try many different professions and then understand what they are most passionate about and that want to make their actual job“, continues the director. In these first months, catering, tailoring and music courses have started.

One day a week the centre also hosts activities with disabled children and this is an opportunity to raise awareness for the young who attend it. Once a month a meeting with the collaborators of the disability project is proposed.

In addition, 10 children from a nearby orphanage are also hosted at the center during some days. They are offered a first literacy course and a place to play and meet: they have established a beautiful relationship with the young of the College, who are older and have taken to heart the presence of their younger friends.

All this makes the new center a very special place, to meet, grow together, to improve oneself and learn to get to know oneself to find the right place for everyone within the local community.

The activities are now solid, they continue day after day and there is a lot of desire to learn and get involved among the boys and girls! A seed has been planted and it’s now sprouting and growing: good luck to the Dayamit Community College!

VISIT THE PROJECT PAGE HERE – Dayamit Community College




If June 28th, 2021 in the morning was a day like any other, it certainly had surprises in store that made it a memorable day for the history of New Humanity in Myanmar.

Yesterday in fact, our Country Director Livio Maggi was awarded the Honor of the Order of the Star of Italy, by the Italian Ambassador in Yangon, Alessandra Schiavo.

As the Ambassador recalled, the Order of the Star of Italy was established in 2011 to reward those who promote positive bilateral relations between Italy and the country in which they operate; it is for the simple and disinterested bonds of friendship that Livio Maggi has been awarded this Honor and for, quoting the Ambassador, “the simplicity  and concreteness with which you have – together with New Humanity  International –  realized many valuable initiatives, making use of every single Kyat of the funds you have raised”.

We cannot avoid to recall with pride a quote from Laozi that Ambassador Alessandra Schiavo reported in her speech yesterday: “Do not try to shine like jade; be as simple as stone.” It speaks of simple but concrete, transparent and selfless work, often done in silence but close to the Burmese people and close to those in need: close to many people we call friends today.

From Italy, Myanmar, Cameroon, friends and family gathered around the Embassy in Yangon to share this moment. Livio Maggi was the first Italian citizen in Myanmar to receive this recognition, which keeps alive the hope and the tireless and constant commitment of many who work every day to promote together with him this relationship of friendship and closeness with the Burmese people.

New Humanity International gathers to share the joy of its Country Director in Myanmar: the example he gave us and that yesterday was recognized with the Honor of the Order of the Star of Italy makes us sure to be guided in the right direction, towards a relationship of true friendship and collaboration with the Burmese people, which in its simplicity shines with authenticity.




Through the most different places, offices, indian slums or burmese villages, there are several women and mothers working tirelessly together with New Humanity International. Today we want to tell you about the “pink side” of New Humanity, that is alongside women and girls to support them in gaining a respectable standard of living.

Self Help Group

In India, Navchetan works close to the mothers of the kids involved in the project. It would be meaningless to work without them! The mothers are supported through self-help groups in order to promote dialogue, help with each other, and sharing of common experiences. They are happy and satisfied with a program which allows them to learn together how to take care of their disabled children! Some of them have also received a prize that recognises their never-stopping cares and physiotherapy exercises during the whole lockdown period, so that they can be an example  for all the others.

Moreover, in March for the International Women’s Day Navchetan Center hosted a big event of celebration and sharing. The women of the staff went even direcly to visit some families to create awareness on the importance of this Day and invite to the event all the women, mothers, young girls.

On the 8th of march the celebration involved the sharing of some personal experiences of the women of the staff and mothers: they are success stories, dealing with their daily life and which inspired the participants to go ahed in their lives with hope and courage, to try to make the difference in their own context. A mother told about how the cares given to her child had brought about a big improvement and she bursted into tears of joy while telling it.

Again in Navchetan, an awareness programm on women and girls hygene has been recently organised. Thanks to the presence of a volunteer nurse, girls aged between 11 and 19 could take part, clarify doubts and learn correct and safe practices together with their mothers.

In Myanmar instead, trainings for women and girls on soap making and sewing were organised in the villages near Taunggyi in 2020.

Sewing and domestic rearing courses will start soon, too. In this way, women and mothers will be able to carry on income generating activities direclty from their households, being able also to take care of their children. The local staff strongly believes in the importance of women inclusion and wants to assure them a dignified role, which satisfies them and and makes them active part of family and community life.

In addiction, burmese mothers have the chance to take part together in trainings on nutrition. Here they can learn the importance of a balanced diet expecially during pregnancy, in order to prevent the development of any disabilities, and on early childhood.

Among several opportunities there is place for everyone and we hope that more and more mothers and women, young or no more young can feel welcome, supported and stimulated by NHI!



Today we tell you the story of U Angelo, a farmer who has been able to improve the living conditions of his family and community thanks to the collaboration with the rural development project of New Humanity International in eastern Shan State.

Here’s what he shared with us about his experience:

“My name is U Angelo and I live in the village of Naung Leng in Keng Tung district. I am 50 years old, of Kha ethnicity and Christian. I live with my family, my wife, three children, two boys and a girl, my mother and aunt. In my village there are 30 families for a total of 200 inhabitants.

We possess two acres of rice paddy that produce 100 baskets of rice (2,100 kg), but this is not enough to eat the whole year. We also have 5 buffaloes, 5 pigs and 20 chickens that we partly sell to meet our needs. We grow corn and tea plants. I also own another 8 acres of land mostly with bamboo and shrubs.

We learned that New Humanity was working on rural development in the village of Loi Mwe which is about seven miles from ours, but it was difficult to reach.

New Humanity Myanmar then invited me to collaborate on the planting and agriculture program in my village. So in 2014 we started the construction of a nursery with a small reservoir for water supply. Thanks to this, as of 2015 we had the first local varieties of green tea, wild apple trees, coffee, macadamia and vegetables. Local tea varieties have been gradually expanded over the years; as of 2018, as many as 6 acres of tea were grown! Within this plantation, during the rotation year we grow cabbage. Here, in addition to my family, other farmers work, too. Today thanks to these changes we produce a greater amount of tea and vegetables and our income has increased!

Although I am not a rich man I am happy with the money I earn because they allow me to invest in the farm, buy the necessary equipment and expand the crops. Almost 300,000 tea plantations from my farm have been grown in partnership with New Humanity Myanmar and I’m happy to see the excitement in farmers growing their own tea! Like me, the inhabitants of the surrounding villages are very happy to make money from their productions.

We are really grateful for this possibility of collaboration for the cultivation of tea, coffee, avocados and other crops, and for being able to learn modern and advanced agricultural techniques: we have also received support to build a plastic roof for drying tea leaves, to make fences, toilets and a water tank in the factors to… And it was a great opportunity to develop new friendships and exchange techniques among us in the field of agriculture!

Thank you to U Angelo for his telling: his story and many other like his, show together New Humanity’s real face!

And… we are curious to hear the next one.




The recent political crisis that Myanmar is going through is not only creating an atmosphere of uncertainty but also exacerbating poverty conditions of the whole population. In a country where more than 1.620.000 people (3 out of 10) used to live already under poverty line, today thousands of families are finding it hard to satisfy basic needs.

Data published by UNICEF on 29th March 2021 are already alarming: nearly a billion children don’t have access to fundamental vaccinations, more than 250.000 kids are going to lose access to basic hygene and sanitation services and are at risk to lose another year of learning, too. Nearly 280.000 vulnerable mothers and children are going to lose access to money transfer that are their only security.

In this context malnutrition is spreading easily: more than 40.000 children are now without proper cares for severe acute malnutrition and nearly 5 billions don’t have access to vitamine A supplements.

While waiting for the evolution of the political situation, we have decided to stay close to the population in the regions where we work, helping families unable to satisfy their basic needs.

We have started a fundraising campaign to purchase food for families in state of emergency. Our staff is going to get in touch with families in cities and villages to give basic needs that we will be able to buy (rice, beans, eggs, dried milk, medicines).


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In just six months L.H. feels different. After years of escapes from three different schools due to a total lack of motivation to study, in the center Nghet Awe San he has found the right push to take his life into his own hands: now he wants to roll up his sleeves to become a successful businessman!

Where he comes from: second of six brothers, after losing his father when he was very young, he moved with his family and the stepfather to Htaut Kyant, Yangon. The often tense family atmosphere and lack of support by his parents led him to lose the desire to go to school, and he became silent and angry.

“I was never allowed to go out of the house and if there was anything to buy my mother would let my brother or sister out to get it. I was forced to stay at home because my mother was afraid I’d meet bad companies.”

The school before the NAS center: for total lack of interest L.H. begins to systematically run away from school. “The teacher made students learn everything by hearth and I was forced to do this too, I found it very difficult to follow the lessons in this way.” Thus, L.H. leaves school permanently and stays at home without studying or working at the age of 14.

The experience at NAS center:

Teacher: “How did you get to the NAS center?”

L.H.: “After leaving school I had nothing to do and I was obliged by my mother to stay in the house. One day I sneaked away and went back to the area where we lived before we moved. I was only 14 years old and there I met my friends who did bad things like kidnappings and thefts. During the night we used to wander in the streets and if there was a chance we would steal. One night we stole a cell phone and some money from a house. One of my friends was taken by the police and later the whole group was taken. After that, I was sent to this school with my friends”.

T: “What did you learn from the New Humanity school in the NAS center?”

L.H.: “I started studying at this school in June 2020. I’m happy to be here because it’s totally different from the other schools I’ve attended. I love participating in school activities such as learning corners, sports days and learning new things about the environment. I had never got a prize in my life but last semester I won an award for outstanding academic performance. My favorite subjects are English and Ecology. I’m not like before, I want to learn and finish what I start doing”.

T: “What are your future plans?”

L.H.: “After this academic year I’m going to attend a basic course for motorcycle mechanic, and then continue with the advanced level. I’m going to try to buy a new house and become a successful businessman”.

A lack of awareness of school and family educational methods led L. H. to face difficulties in orienting himself in his everyday life. Thanks to the education of the Nghet Awe San juvenile center, now he has another chance… and seems willing to spend it in the best of the ways!