Here few words from our local program manager: “At present lock down is until 14th April. The extension of it depends on the situation of COVID 19 spread. In daily reporting there is high jump in the number of people infected. So the next few days  are very crucial. Presently major cities like Chennai, Mumbai, New Delhi, Jaipur are  on the hit list. There is a fear in all about community infection and if the lock down is extended the people may die more of starvation than of covid infection. Here there is no political or social commitment to meet this grave situation especially for the poor unemployed. Jaipur is one of the city under special surveillance for infection.”

 Our local staff already started to respond to the emergency, they immediately asked local police a special permission to reach the slum, where there is our Navchetan centre, in order to organize there a distribution of food and hygienic materials to all families included in our program. They will come at the centre once in a week, at agreed time in order to avoid to have more than one person at a time, and they will receive their package with all needed basic stuffs for one week.

This action is possible also because of the help of local private donors and local community, New Humanity International already allocated some fund for the response to the emergency of COVID-19 but our staff managed to start reacting even before this because of the immediate response of local community to prevent starvation of our beneficiaries.

This is a beautiful witnessing on how solidarity could start in unexpected ways and in unexpected moments.

Thanks to our local staff for their promptness to react to the emergency organizing new actions and to local donors who gave us the chance to help in this critical moment!