The whole Myanmar, last month, has been in lock-down. Our staff wasn’t allowed to enter any center, that’s why we had to transform our support in different ways: food distribution, provision of hygienic materials and training at distance.

online trainingSince May the 13th until the 29th our local staff organized a 6 days online training about disability’s related matters. This idea was born thanks to the collaboration with Don Carlo Gnocchi foundation, which is collaborating with us in Myanmar since last year and which is supporting us and our program in disability field.

Our local staff involved two professionals: a physiotherapist of our staff and a Burmese speech therapist who works in USA. They provided training on different topics, such as: gross and fine motricity, non verbal communication and communicational development. 47 people attended these trainings from different location: the School for Disabled Children, the Disabled Care Center and the Yankin Hospital in Yangon; the Department of Social Welfare in Mandalay and Taunggyi; our staff in Yangon, Taunggyi and Kyiang Tong; the New Heaven Learning Center, the Morning Star and the Phayar Phyiu center in Taunggyi. Attendees were  both operators/teachers and children’s parents.

These trainings has been a good chance forscreenshot sharing experiences and good practices, all participants have been involved in sharing and proposing ideas for the future. In this way we are starting the creation of a local network for disability. Some basis are already been laid, such as advocacy activities organized by parents themselves, in collaboration with our staff, or new planning of rehabilitation activities in centers involved.

We should really thank our partner, Don Carlo Gnocchi foundation for the organization of these trainings. They are really giving good fruits which will allow us to improve our service for children with disabilities in Myanmar. We want to thank also to all participants who made this training a rich source for everyone.