In Dala, in Yangon’s outskirts, we started a new project at the beginning of 2021. The Dayamit Community College officially opened last May starting up vocational trainings for 40 youth who drop out from local schools.

In spite of the insecurity caused by the coup d’etat of the last February, our local staff was ready and we decided to keep on with the planned project, even with concrete risks. Our effort was worth it and now our first round of youth is almost completing its vocational courses.

During this 1st year we had to face another big challenge: the worst Covid wave since the beginning of pandemic, hit in July especially in Yangon.  We had to stop courseS for few weeks and when we re-started lots of families were too afraid to send youth at the school.

In this aspect the presence of our psychologist, Jose Estevao Magro, has been very important. He organized several life skills’ meetings, giving them motivation and helping them to grow up not only in a professional way, but also in their humanity and personality.

In spite of all the difficulties, our trainings of tailoring, cooking, informatics, English and accountability are now going to their completion and soon our youth will start the internship in different local companies.

Many of them wouldn’t have had the chance to attend a vocational course otherwise, both for the social isolation and the historical period they are living in. Since the beginning of Covid schools in Myanmar have been closed until this November, without any chance of learning at distance. One year and an half without school it’s a serious absence for a developing country, which could have dramatic consequences. Also for this reason we decided to beg on the Dayamit Community College, to grant education and formation to those particular youth, even more in an historical and social context signed by such a significant educational lack.

Furthermore, in the same context, we are now putting basis for starting up a new Community Based Rehabilitation program (CBR), thanks to the collaboration with Fondazione don Carlo Gnocchi, for families of children with disabilities. After a first assessment we are now selecting staff and planning the intervention, in order to start the program at the beginning of 2022. In a context like this, where services are absent, needs are many and while working there we meet them and try to give an answer. CBR approach will help us meeting most urgent needs linked to disability’s world.

Therefore our intervention in Dala is now developing on three main areas: educational with the Dayamit Community College, social with Food for Myanmar’s campaign and consequent food distribution and rehabilitative with the new CBR program.

We will update you soon with following steps, at the moment we can only thank our local and international staff in Yangon, with their dedication and determination made possible all those things even if everything was against them.

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