In this time of difficulties and when the covid pandemic is trying to make its way back among the Burmese population, what happens in Dala, on the southern outskirts of Yangon, seems the perfect cure for any possible distress.

Here, young boys and girls are given a chance at the newborn Dayamit Community College, where a new project to support their education and professional growth takes place. “Many of them- tells us the director of the community center- had left school to help the family by doing occasional jobs but that did not generate safe income; now they have abandoned them to attend community college courses and give themselves a new opportunity”.

Born in April, the new project aims to support these children in their human, didactic and professional growth, offering a place to meet and share these experiences together. Initially the young were at home for the closure of schools because of the lockdown, so the proposal started softer, but now the activities are at full capacity.

But what happens every day within the walls of Dayamit Community College in Dala?

From Monday to Friday, girls and boys attend courses in English, ITC, accounting and lifeskills: these are disciplines designed to promote the integration in a workplace. The moments dedicated to lifeskills are carried out by a specialized team with the presence of a psychologist. The attending boys and girls test soft skills, for example group dynamics, teamwork, and collaboration.

In addition, a fundamental part of the project are the professional courses in which all the young can participate, according to their choice and depending on what interests them. “They can try many different professions and then understand what they are most passionate about and that want to make their actual job“, continues the director. In these first months, catering, tailoring and music courses have started.

One day a week the centre also hosts activities with disabled children and this is an opportunity to raise awareness for the young who attend it. Once a month a meeting with the collaborators of the disability project is proposed.

In addition, 10 children from a nearby orphanage are also hosted at the center during some days. They are offered a first literacy course and a place to play and meet: they have established a beautiful relationship with the young of the College, who are older and have taken to heart the presence of their younger friends.

All this makes the new center a very special place, to meet, grow together, to improve oneself and learn to get to know oneself to find the right place for everyone within the local community.

The activities are now solid, they continue day after day and there is a lot of desire to learn and get involved among the boys and girls! A seed has been planted and it’s now sprouting and growing: good luck to the Dayamit Community College!

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