Schools are closed, but thanks to New Humanity I can still learn and build my own future!

Here the story of Nang Win, who, in spite of schools’ closing due to Covid-19, managed to attend vocational trainings organized by NHI and she’s now dreaming of being a support for her family.

Nang win

“My Name is Nang Win Win Nwei and I am a 18 years old girl from Ho Nar Village, in Kong Long Village Tract from Taunggyi Township. I am the eldest daughter of my family and I have one younger sister and one younger brother. My father and our siblings are living with our grandfather’s family and there are 14 members in this extended family. My mother left us four years ago as my father is a drunkard and not working to support our family and moreover, he asked money from mother. When she left us, my sister and I have been sent to one Monastic School by my grandfather to continue our education as no one could afford to support us. I was Grade 8 student and my sister was Grade 5 student at that time.


We studied 3 consecutive years in that monastic school and when Covid-19 break out in Myanmar, we were sent back home in early 2020. I could not continue my studies because all schools are closed due to Covid-19 outbreak in Myanmar.


During first week of May 2021, the village head announced that NHI is accepting application for a basic course for sewing training for adolescent girls prioritizing from vulnerable households. When hearing the news, I was very excited to apply for the training as I am much interested in tailoring and design. I was very happy to get the chance to attend this training and I started this course from 7th May 2021.

Nang Win


Before joining this training, I used to work in farming activities both in my grandfather’s farm and the other’s farms as a daily wage labor. Working in the fields is a very intensive and tiring labor. Now I am studying tailoring work and I have a new hope: I will try to be a good tailor and open a shop at my home to support family income.


Due to Covid-19 disease, we could not go to school to continue studies and I am getting older. So, I thought I better stop studying and I will try to work to get the household income.


Attending the training, I have new friends and I am very happy to learn together with them. The trainer is also very patient and she teaches every details until we understand. I feel very thankful to New Humanity International organization to give us the chance to learn and build our future. And I promise I will continue practicing and upgrade my skill after completion of the training.”


And we wish you to reach your goals, dear Nang Win!

This and other trainings are part of a wider program that we are developing in Taunggyi and Kyaing Tong townships, thanks to the support of OBOS and other donors. Here you can find more details.