In today’s chapter of STORIES OF THE OTHER WORLD we introduce you to Su Sander, a mother from the Insein slum, where our pre-school centre Golden Beehive is located. Su wants to tell us about her good fortune!

“My name is Su Sander, I am 34 years old and I am the mother of Hein Zayar OO. Last year, when the Golden Beehive Daycare Centre opened, our community was very excited to have a dedicated space for our children.

As school activities progressed, I noticed a marked improvement in my son’s learning of new words. In fact, his vocabulary has changed a lot! He has already learnt several words in English too! For example, he knows how to pronounce the names of animals, fruits in English and differentiate colours.

My husband and I are very satisfied with the quality of the teaching. This is not a conventional school like the others in town: our centre promotes different activities that allow the child to develop various skills.

The meals are very nutritious, my son loves having lunch at school! I really appreciate the school’s attention to children who cannot eat any meat as special menus are prepared for them.

Opening such a school is good for everyone, they use an effective education system, very helpful for the children. As a parent, I am happy that you opened this school.

Thank you very much, beyond words. I always consider myself lucky because my son attends this school.

It’s great to hear how what we do is helping someone, and this is also thanks to your support and the dedication of our staff!