“The future starts here!”

Again big news from Yangon! Do you remember the new educational project in a slum of Insein? Yesterday was the first official school-day at our Golden Beehive

It’s a small early childhood education centre for children aged among 3 and 4 years old, in order to start a work in pre-scholar education and, at the same time, to approach families with the aim of spreading awareness about sanitation and hygiene.

In this slum there are 350 families, for a total of 1500 people, among them 89 children under 5 years old.

The school’s name is Golden Beehive. Beehive as a community in which everybody is taking care of others, in which everybody has his own role and leaders could take care of little ones. Golden because it is the sacred colour of Myanmar people.

The start up of the school and the elaboration of the program has been possible under the supervision of JosèMagro, psychologist with specialization in development and childhood psychology.

Last 23rd of April there was the first parent’s meeting and yesterday, April the 25th, 60 children were wlecomed for their first official school-day!

School’s building went very well and teachers’ training already concluded.

In the school will be developed propaedeutic subjects to school integration, but we will also focus on relational abilities and emotional development of children.

We will pay special attention on vulnerability cases, in order to start individual and family’s psychologic therapies.

We organized the day into 2 shifts, in order to welcome a greater amount of children, involving 31 children in the morning and 29 children in the afternoon. 

If you want to support this project you can see the project’s table and find supporting modalities at this page

Now we only have to wait and see the wonderful change the this new center will produce in the slum, we’ll keep you updated