The recent political crisis that Myanmar is going through is not only creating an atmosphere of uncertainty but also exacerbating poverty conditions of the whole population. In a country where more than 1.620.000 people (3 out of 10) used to live already under poverty line, today thousands of families are finding it hard to satisfy basic needs.

Data published by UNICEF on 29th March 2021 are already alarming: nearly a billion children don’t have access to fundamental vaccinations, more than 250.000 kids are going to lose access to basic hygene and sanitation services and are at risk to lose another year of learning, too. Nearly 280.000 vulnerable mothers and children are going to lose access to money transfer that are their only security.

In this context malnutrition is spreading easily: more than 40.000 children are now without proper cares for severe acute malnutrition and nearly 5 billions don’t have access to vitamine A supplements.

While waiting for the evolution of the political situation, we have decided to stay close to the population in the regions where we work, helping families unable to satisfy their basic needs.

We have started a fundraising campaign to purchase food for families in state of emergency. Our staff is going to get in touch with families in cities and villages to give basic needs that we will be able to buy (rice, beans, eggs, dried milk, medicines).


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