The promotion of a sustainable and inclusive model of economic and social growth in Myanmar’s Shan State continues!

Located in eastern Myanmar, Shan State occupies about a quarter of Myanmar’s total land area and is the largest of all the states and regions in the country, home to 5.8 million people.

Since 2021 OBOS finances our work in rural areas with the common aim of organising trainings and activities to help rural communities become independent from external aid. Here are some facts about the work done in the first year of funding.

The first component of the project aims to organise activities to promote employment for young people and enable them to be as independent as possible, thus decreasing the unemployment rate in the villages. In this regard, New Humanity has designed several vocational trainings, such as the one on Motorbike Repair in which some guys between 12 and 18 years old have participated for 6 months.

With regard to agricultural training (the second component of the project), all communities have the opportunity to learn new techniques and improve their agricultural production, either by participating directly in the training or by learning from others. Training courses on cultivation techniques (including organic pesticide production) have been organised and a water supply system has been built.


The third component of the project, which aims to improve the social inclusion of people with disabilities, involves the organisation of awareness-raising trainings in villages during which the causes of disability are explained, how to deal with a child with a disability etc., in which a lot of families participated.

The beneficiaries of this first year of the project were as follows: up to 275 people participated in the trainings, as many as 175 farmers learned new techniques and 90 people were made aware of disability.

The project will run for three years (2021-2023). In a complicated context such as Myanmar, the benefits for local communities are almost immediate. Thanks to the activities organised, people are able to plan their future and take control of their lives, a right that should be enjoyed by everyone.