New Humanity International supports and helps more than 3000 families of the outskirts of Yangon: many of them are in very vulnerable conditions, without money, with no jobs or aid, even more worsened by the climate of instability in which the country has been living for two years now; moreover, living in slums they don’t have access to any kind of service (infrastructure, schools, hospitals and so on).

NHI carried out an analysis of the situation in the contexts where we were already operating, with the support of Total Energies: the aim was to understand which people were in conditions of extreme poverty, reaching a target of 3604 households including 5245 women and girls. 

Next, we began the distribution of basic necessities, such as food, drinking water, money and essential materials fro living in dignity, such as blankets and towels. In the first month of 2023, through the widespread distribution with the support of Total Energies, we reached 450 families, while in the month of February we helped 2409 households. 

Our efforts are always aimed at improving yhe wellbeing of the people who need it most, so knowing their stories and seeing that what we do is really helping them motivates us to do better and better!

In this case, U Myint and his family’s story is an inspiration to never stop walking besides the most fragile people: U Myint lives in the suburbs of Yangon with his wife, 4 children and 3 grandchildren. The family’s only source of income comes from the eldest daughter who sells fish since her father lost his job as a tea seller as a result of the pandemic. U Myint’s wife suffers from some serious illnesses for which she needs periocal medical treatment, but money is scarce as it’s barely enough to support the family.

New Humanity and Total Energies gave them two essential goods packages containing water, nutritious food, blankets and towels for when the wife goes to the hospital for treatment. This way, the family won’t have to worry about finding food to survive for the next period.

It’s thanks to these stories of hope that we will always continue our job, trying not to leave anyone alone!