Annual Report


Dear friends,


I am happy to share with you the first Annual Report of New  Humanity  International Foundation, for the year 2020.

The history and activities of New Humanity Association, as you already know, were inherited by the newly created Foundation, which in 2020 operated in India and Myanmar despite the difficulties of the health crisis, alongside local populations.

In the countries where we work, we had to move emergency funds in order to support the population in daily needs during lockdown periods.

The activities of our projects have been adapted and have always continued in compliance with the instructions of the local authorities.

All this would not have been possible without the support of those who, despite the difficulties, believed and go on believing in our same goals: our donors, our partners, all our supporters. It is you, therefore, that I would like to thank heartily before letting you read this Annual Report: the support you gave us has made it possible to achieve so many results that you will discover in the next pages!

 Sure of these solid relationships and the tireless commitment of our staff in India, Italy and Myanmar, we are ready to face every future challenge.


Enjoy the reading!

The Director

Massimo Cattaneo


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