Annual Report


Dear friends,

I’m glad to share with you the 2021 Annual Report.

I’ll be honest with you: 2021 was a rough year. After all the problems due to Covid 19 spreading, the coup d’etat in Myanmar last February 2021 made the situation more and more tragic. None of us wanted to believe it but it’s now more than a year that the country is back being under dictatorship, as well as being torn by a civil war. It’s been over two years that students aren’t back to school yet, and we had to put even more effort in facing all the new needs of the population.

The work in the emergency campaign of our supporters was outstanding and we have to thank you all for this: through this tough year we were witnesses of hope, both in the country itself with many families that  welcomed the refugees, and with our supporters who wanted to express an endless solidarity.

In India we have registered a slow recovery, and the project could continue, even though we had to stop several times through the year because of new lockdowns. In the end of the year our Navchetan program could even extend to a new slum, Jagathpura, where the parents of children with disability asked for our help.

All of this wouldn’t be possible without the support of people who, despite all difficulties, have believed and keep on believing in our shared objectives: our donors, our partners and all our supporters who are accompanying us in such complicated periods. I would like to thank you first, before leaving you at the reading of this Annual Report: support you gave us made possible the achievement of all results you will discover throughout these pages!


We are now sure we can count on the efficacy and validity of our projects, both our Italian staff and the one in other places of intervention and on the relationship we have built with you all in those years. We are ready to face every challenge!

Enjoy the reading!

The Director

Massimo Cattaneo


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