StevanIn the fiteenth chapter of “STORIE FROM ANOTHER WORLD” we want to tell you about Stevan, who, thanks to a meeting with our program manager, managed to change his life in a short time!

“Hi, I’m Stevan and I am 21 years old, I grew up with my Aunt because my parents died when I was 11 yo. I used to live in my village helping my aunt, without any kind of future.

For God’s mercy, one day mr Barnabas visited my village. He talked with my aunt and talked with some youth from the village about the Dayamit college. I wasn’t yet sure about my choice and I didn’t show any kind of interest.

I felt curious anyway, so after some times I tried to call mr Barnabas and asked him to admit me at the center. He answered that if I was interested I could have joined them. I felt really happy about this answer so I immediately signed up. It was well organized, the teaching method was personalized and not only academic. Teachers used to share their personal experience and stimulate us to share ours, this helped in knowing each other and live as if we were a family.

I observed a new system of teaching by our teachers: they teach through games, sharing and some activities, so I never feel bored. I would say that every teacher is unique and that they make us to be able to relate with others in a proper way. Dayamit accepts students from all over the country, especially from Dala, without any discrimination. It has been such an extraordinary experience to me to live with different people.

Mr Barnabas, our director, is very good in staying with youth. He gives us space and organize celebration and parties together: Hinduism celebrations, Muslim ones or Christian ones. To celebrate all festivities reminds us about our friendship!

Since I’m coming from far away, mr Barnabas prepared for me and other students a place to live in, in order to be able to attend courses.

It was an unexpected experience to me, because other students are coming from different places but, at the end, we are all the same. A really wonderful experience which thought to me many things for my future life: to cook by myself, to go to the lessons, to play sports… There have been moments of disagreements among us but we learned how to discuss together.

After completing my courses at Dayamit I immediately found a job at the Marvel factory. Also here I had a lot of new experiences that are making me growing up. At the beginning I was afraid by working for a new factory, but now I understood that every experience is a teaching for our lives.

I want to thank all donors of New Humanity who made my future brighter than ever!”

And we join your thanks, dear Stevan. And we want also to THANK YOU for sharing such a witnessing of how a simple meeting could really change your life!