The ninth chapter of the STORIES OF THE OTHER WORLD is very moving: Chit was born with gastroschisis and a club foot, was abandoned by his mother and, according to the doctors, he’d never have been able to walk… but today he’s able to eat, drink and walk! A true miracle! We are curious to find out all that he can learn in the coming years!

“Hi, I am Chit Phoo Ngone, I am 12 years old and I was born with gastroschisis and club foot. My mum gave birth to me when she was only 16, I have a younger sister and I lived in Ho Nar village until I was 9 years old. I was diagnosed with a physical and mental disability and the doctors said that I would never be able to walk. My mother could no longer take care of me so she abandoned me at the Infant Jesus Centre in Phayar Phyu, Taunggyi.

I was 3 years old when I met the staff of New Humanity. They supported me and my family with basic necessities, assistance in obtaining the necessary documents, piglets and physiotherapy. They even allowed me to have surgery on my foot.

When I arrived at the Child Jesus Centre, I couldn’t walk or do any daily activities, I couldn’t stand on my own and understand what was being said to me.

Today after two years I have learnt to eat from my plate independently, I can sit and stand up unaided, walk on my own and even climb stairs with help. I can pick up a bottle of water and drink it, I understand what I’m asked to do and I have learnt to wash my clothes.

I’m grateful to New Humanity for the support and care they have given me. With all the improvements I’ve had in just two years, I can’t wait to see what I can do in the future“.

Chit Phoo Ngone’s story gives us a lot of hope and is very moving. In two years, he went from being totally disabled to being independent in some essential movements.

We sincerely thank our staff, whose daily commitment makes miracles happen, the don Gnocchi foundation, which has enabled us to make a great step forward in our service to disabled people and all those who support us. It’s also thanks to you that Chit and all the other children are able to improve their lives!