Last week in Yangon a general meeting was held for all the staff of New Humanity in Myanmar. 

An important meeting for all the staff, a training moment, a moment of sharing and a moment of identification of new strategies together. 

Taunggyi staff

The Meeting lasted since early morning to late evening for 3 days, full of sharing and trainings. 75 people attended and there were several intervention, held by Francesca Benigno from New Humanity’s headquarter in Milan, Teresa Sassu from Don Carlo Gnocchi Foundation, Ma Thida Moe and Ma Voe Phair from New Humanity Myanmar and an external guest expert in project management: Daw Thet New.

ICARE group

Several topic have been faced: Vision and Mission of NHI, the importance of everybody in different phases of the project, experience of people working longtime for NHI, new policy for child protection, planning, monitoring and evaluation of projects, team building and reporting.

Teachers group

A reach meeting that allowed everyone to feel part of a bigger group with a common purpose, and to understand that everybody is important to reach our final goal: to promote education as a tool to fight every kind of poverty and exclusion.

Yangon group

Yangon staff


Thank to all the participants!