U Ah Jone and his familyMy name is U Ah Jone. I live in Khun Sai (Upper) Village under Loi Mwe Village Tract, in Kyaing Tong township. In my family we are eight: my wife and our 6 children.

I am a Li Shaw ethnicity. We grow three acres of paddy field. The paddy fields are located six miles below the hill of Loi Mwe. We also have some livestock such as buffalos, cattle and pigs.

When I lived at my parents’ home in their village, I had access to water from the lower part of the village where the water source used to be. Gradually, the weather got worse and the water gradually disappeared.

Since I got married, when I was about 30 Loi Mwe lakeyears old, we carried water and rainwater from the bottom of the house in the rainy season. In dry seasons, winter and summer, we used to take a bike / motorcycle / bullock cart to Loi Mwe Lake to get the water which is far from the village at about 0.5 Mile. We had to carry water every day for our household water and animals.

Then New Humanity Myanmar arrived and started a project for a solar water supply system.

This was really A LIFE CHANGE!

Water solar systemWhen the water supply system was provided in 2014, New Humanity Myanmar built three water reservoirs (with concrete rings) for Khun Sai (Upper) village. I have one reservoir close to my house and it can fill with water in the morning, and during the night. The house and the water storage tank is about 20 feet away, so we are able to get access to the water whenever we need for the household use without wasting  a lot of time.

Beginning in 2017, there is the connection from the small water tank with 0.5 inch plumbing to the house, installation of water meters, and 200 kyat per unit of water for water use and costs only 1,000 to 1,500 kyat per month.

We are so happy now that the water is Serbatoirealready in the house and we can work more without worrying or wasting time to go to take water every day.

We are so grateful to New Humanity for having improved our lives!