In this third chapter of STORIES FROM ANOTHER WORLD, we are going to tell you Nan Su’s story, a young girl who works in our local staff for the I C.A.R.E. programme in Kyaing Tong. Nan Su has a little disabled sister and before working with I C.A.R.E., they didn’t get along very well. Now, not only she has understood her sister’s value, but she also takes care of many children like her sibling.

Nan Su has been working in Kyaing Tong office from May 2022. She got to meet New Humanity International because her little sister took part in our project. Once we opened a job position, she immediately applied although it wasn’t very clear for her what the role was. 

She told us that she used to be ashemed of her sister when they were younger, they didn’t go out together and she used to keep her at home, so that none could see her. However, when the mother of a child beneficiary of our I C.A.R.E. project told her well about how we work, she immediately brought her little sister to our staff to participate in the programme.

She later learnt more about our organization and got interested in knowing more about disabilities. While she was working at NHI, she got the chance to develop a lot of skills, to take part in every activity and in several projects, especially in the I C.A.R.E. This way, she could help children with disabilities in the physioterapy and special education pathway.

Thanks to our collaboration with Don Gnocchi Foundation, Nan Su has been properly trained on her role and on the best ways to relate with beneficiaries: after that, she got included in our expert team.

She could also witness other NHI’s areas of intervention: food donations, awareness on disability, provision of aids and transport to hospital and clinic.

Now she can consider herself nearly an expert on disabily and prevention. She’s happy and enthusiastic to work with our staff as she could recognize the huge impact that our project has on beneficiaries’ lives and their families. She changed her mind on disability and she’s now more convinced than ever to change these little children’s lives and adult’s mentality as well.

Thank you Nan Su from the botton of our hearts, thanks to our staff in Kyaing Tong and to each one of you who costantly support us!