Today we present the story of Thandar Htay, the sixth chapter of our Stories from the Other World column. Thandar teaches kindergarten children and has learnt a new way of approaching others with empathy and kindness.

“My name is Thandar Htay, I am a university student and an assistant teacher at the Golden Beehive Daycare Centre.

This is my first work experience. I work with two other teachers in the mornings and there are 32 children aged 3 and 4 in our class. What I have seen in these months of experience with New Humanity has made me realise that this school brings many advantages: first of all, the children in the neighbourhood can go to school instead of spending time out in the street, with nowhere to stay. Now they have a safe place to go!

Secondly, it has also helped us teachers, before I worked at Daycare I didn’t really like taking care of the children, but after I started working here, spending time with them and looking after them, I love this job! It doesn’t matter if I don’t feel well, it makes me happy to see them! I also feel more comfortable relating not only with the children, but also with the parents: I have learnt to manage these relationships.

Since this is my first time in a workplace, I have learnt how to communicate with my colleagues and we work together as equals, we understand each other and cooperate. For example, we help and support each other; it’s a pleasure to work with them and I’m grateful that we can do it together without competing with each other.

I want to thank Mr José, our coordinator who taught us so many things, and New Humanity for opening this project for the children and the teachers. I really appreciate their help. Thank you also for always showing respect to young people like me.

Finally, I want to express my gratitude for our centre: I am very happy because I’m growing in responsibility, in dialogue with parents, in social relationships. I am grateful for the educational support and everything else.”

The Golden Beehive seems like a really nice place where children can grow up in a protected environment and learn all the social skills they will need to cope with the world when they grow up, skills that are even more necessary in a difficult context like Myanmar.

Thanks once again to our staff and our coordinator José Magro for their commitment and passion for these little friends!