Here is the eighth chapter of our Stories from antoher world. Today we present Zin Mar, who sent her son to our kindergarten in Insein and cried with joy to see her son’s progress!

Zin Mar Aye, the mother of Myat Bhone Khant, a 5 year old boy who attends the Golden Beehive in Insein dumping site, tells us how much her son has improved since he started attending our centre. Before, he had aggressive attitudes even with them and didn’t take care of his hygiene, while now he has become kind and polite and brushes his teeth morning and evening!

“My name is Zin Mar Aye, I’m 28 years old and I’m the mother of Myat Bhone Khant.

What can I say about Golden Beehive Daycare? I love everything, my joy can’t be expressed in words. Since my son is pre-school age, I couldn’t send him to schools in other districts because I would have had to pay a lot. My financial situation don’t allow me to pay for a school.

On the first day of class, I was thrilled! I cried with joy to see my son able to attend school even though I don’t have the money to pay for it!

The teachers are attentive and understand our needs. In fact, my son had started attending school in the morning, but I soon realised that it wasn’t right for him. At first, he had difficulty getting along with other children, especially the younger ones. Therefore, after a discussion with the teachers, we decided to move him to the afternoon class. It was the best choice we made and I’m very happy about it! My son had the opportunity to learn how to relate and behave better.

In the school, the teachers teach with empathy, which is strange for teachers, I had never seen anything like that in other schools. They teach the children to grow up healthy by adopting the right behaviour. My gratitude goes to the teachers and New Humanity for building this beautiful school!

My son previously didn’t behave well at home, he did not respect us as parents. He was very mischievous, but after he started attending school, he became more serene and respectful. For example, now he often tells me: “If I see an ant killed, I will tell the teacher about you, mum!”. Before, he was not interested in things, he liked to kill insects, but now at school he has learnt that it is important to take care of things and animals. According to our faith it’s bad to kill insects, and I always told him that… now finally, thanks to school, he has understood that.

We realise that his behaviour has improved a lot and this also helps us to think about the way we do things, how we relate to each other.

Other behaviours are slowly becoming part of our son’s routine: at school, he has learnt that he has to greet people, use nice words and answer the phone politely. Every day, before going to bed and when he gets up in the morning, he brushes his teeth. Before, he had many cavities in his teeth because he never brushed them. The teachers taught him how to brush his teeth and we also had a parents’ meeting with a dentist who explained to us how to take optimal care of our oral hygiene.

My son is starting to write words and simple sentences. The other day, when a neighbour picked up a book of poems and started reading them, Myat Bhone Khant said he knew some of them. In fact, poems and fairy tales are read in school.

This is the first time I have seen such a nice school, and you don’t have to pay to attend it! I’m really happy that my son is part of this reality!

Unfortunately, I can’t participate in all the activities for parents offered by the school because of my work schedule. But we are immensely grateful for providing this important service to our community!”

Surely the lessons Myat Bhone is learning will serve him well in becoming an aware and caring adult, and he and all his friends can bring a beautiful change in the lives of many people.

Many thanks to our teachers and our psychologist coordinator for the passion and commitment with which they run the classes at the Golden Beehive!