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NAS set2019

Updates from Hnget Aw San Youth Center in Myanmar

Running education program at Hnget Aw San Youth Center is already running its third year of activities. During the first 2 years there are over than 400 boys who went through this education program. Now the first term of the third year has finished on 16th August.

In this first semester, our staff attempted some new activities like “spelling bee”, “small ecology project” and “general knowledge quiz” competition according to the level of youth. They suggested also group games competition.



Vista una torre da 10 cubi

Updates by Disabled Care Center (DCC)

The project of rehabilitation at Disabled Care Center (DCC) in Yangon keeps on obtaining good results. DCC hosts children and adults with disabilities from families who live in this area and who are unable to reach specialized centres. People with disabilities are always at risk of social exclusion because in Myanmar disability is still stigmatized by society and local cultures. Activities of DCC wants to fight this situation.

DCC offers community based rehabilitation since 13 years. It involves disabled people and their families. New Humanity supports this center by providing a specialized physiotherapist. She also participates in various courses offered by our partners and supports DCC’s staff bringing her skills and professionalism. Her presence improves the condition of life of patients and it’s helping to cut down prejudices against disabilities.

First six-monthly report of 2019, sent by our physiotherapist, is an update about activities and progresses obtained by DCC guests.



Agricultural station 3

Our progress in 1st semester of 2019 in Kyaing Tong area

Our partnership with Myanmar’s local authorities is stronger than ever. We’re collaborating with them, especially in Shan State, for lots of projects.

For this reason it’s now time for reporting to them, and also to our supporters, the first semester of 2019. With this article we’d like to show you our progresses in last 6 months in Kyaing Tong area.


2019 07 Honar Inaugurazione 46


Last Saturday, July the 13th, in Honar village there was a big celebration. The whole village partipate to the inauguration of the new Early Childhood Care and Development center funded by   fondazione Francesca Pecorari Onlus and supported by New Humanity Myanmar and local parents committee. Thanks to everyone's contirbution this big dream became true, and it will change and improve the life of all village's children. Our local staff supervised building process, organized trainings for teachers and management committee. Local population, especially children's parents, caollborated in building process and also created the new center's playground. Local authorities not only gave the permission for building and start this new center, but they also monitored and supervised the whole process and participated to the inauguration with a satisfied speech.  

2019 07 Honar Inaugurazione 80Children who already are attending new center's activities, which already started at the beginning of the new academic year, in March, prepared songs and dances for all guests. We can't hyde our satisfaction and wish to all those children to have a successful life! 

2019 07 Honar Inaugurazione 46


Sabato scorso, 13 luglio, nel villaggio di Honar si è tenuta una gran festa. Tutto il villaggio era presente all'inaugurazione del nuovo asilo finanziato dalla fondazione Francesca Pecorari Onlus e sostenuto da New Humanity Myanmar e dal comitato dei genitori del villaggio. Grazie al contributo di tutti si è realizzato questo grande sogno che ha cambiato e continuerà a migliorare la vita dei bambini del villaggio. Il nostro staff locale ha supervisionato la costruzione, organizzato i training delle insegnanti e del comitato di gestione e fornirà formazione periodica nei prossimi anni. La popolazione locale, soprattutto i genitori dei bambini che usufruiranno dell'asilo, hanno collaborato nella costruzione, specialmente del campo giochi dell'asilo. Le autorità locali non solo hanno dato il permesso e il loro supporto fin dall'inizio del progetto, ma hanno anche monitorato e supervisionato l'andamento della costruzione e hanno partecipato spendendo parole di lode soddisfazione all'inaugurazione dell'asilo. 2019 07 Honar Inaugurazione 80I bambini dell'asilo, che ha iniziato a funzionare ufficialmente con l'inizio del nuovo anno scolastico a marzo, hanno preparato canti e balli per tutti gli ospiti. Non possiamo che ritenerci soddisfatti e augurare a questi bambini di avere successo nella vita!

FFS Rice Plots 2014 4

5 years of Farmer Field School in Kon Long

We just received from our local staff in Myanmar a report related to the Farmer Fields Schools program in the Kon Long Village tract, in Taunggyi area. Our field supervisor, with our agronomist and program manager supervision, has been developing this program in villages since 2013, with the support of expert trainers from Department of Agriculture and a Community Development Facilitator.


With this news we'd like to show you this program's results over years and how it helped to bring a concrete improvement for farmers and their families. If you want to read more click here.



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